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Hair Removal

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a hair removal treatment.

Recommended 6-8 sessions.

Not suitable for blonde or red hair, or dark skin.

IPL 45 Minute Treatment

Available for:

Upper legs

Lower legs

Upper arms

Lower arms

45 minutes


IPL Brazillian

20 minutes


IPL Medium Sized Areas


Bikini line

Half face



Back (quarter)

Buttocks (not intimate area)

20 minutes


IPL Full Arms

Full arm IPL Treatment

1.5 hours


IPL Hollywood

30 minutes


IPL Small Areas

Upper lip



Hands and fingers

Other small areas

10 minutes


IPL Full Legs

Full arm IPL Treatment

1.5 hours


IPL Bikini Line and Half Leg

1.5 hours


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