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Combo Deals

We offer combo deals so you can pick a package that makes you feel like the shining queen you are. Please WhatsApp / Call to book an appointment on 07580196655

Gel Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure and Pedicure using Vegan gel polish

Over 500 colours


Luxury Pedicure with Gel finish and Gel Manicure

Luxury Pedicure with foot scrub and massage

Feet filed

Manicure with vegan gel polish

Over 500 colours


Vegan Gel Pedicure with Foot Massage

​Vegan Gel pedicure 

Including cuticle work 

Foot Massage



BIAB Colour Overlay/Extensions Infills and Gel Pedicure

Any Infills

Regular polish 

 Vegan gel pedicure

Over 500 colours



Express Personalised Facial and Massage 

Half an hour Massage






BIAB Nude Overlays and Gel Pedicure


Vegan Gel pedicure 


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